Classroom English ワークシート 中学校第1学年英語科学習指導案


授業で配布するClass Room English Sheetです。中学校の英語の授業では指示を基本的に英語で行うので、早い段階でよく使う単語を導入していきます。

Class Room English!!

  教室で使う英語集 例文
1 what  なに What is this?
2 when  いつ/~のとき When is your birthday?
3 where  どこで Where are you from?
4 why  なぜ Why are you sleepy?
5 who だれ Who is absent today?
6 how どう How are you?
7 repeat 繰り返す Repeat after me.
8 after After you finish, sit down.
9 before Before you sit down, say ‘finish’.
10 make 作る Make lunch groups.
11 and ~と/そして Exchange A and B.
12 question 質問 Do you have any questions?
13 face Face up.
14 read 読む Read aloud.
15 pass 渡す Pass the papers to the front.
16 give 与える Give me your homework.
17 help 助ける、手伝う Help your teacher.
18 write 書く Write the word in the air ~.
19 change 変える Change ‘book’ into Japanese.
20 listen  聞く Listen to me carefully.
21 show 見せる I show you some pictures.
22 switch 入れ替える Switch A and B.
23 clap 叩く Clap hands.
24 try 挑戦する Try the test.
25 understand 理解する Do you understand?
26 with  ~と一緒に Talk with your partner.
27 can ~できる You can do it!
28 clear クリアする We clear the activity.
29 example For exmple, ~
30 if もし~なら If you have questions, ask me soon.
31 How about you? あなたはどう? How about you?
32 anyway  とにかく Anyway, we don’t have time.
33 spelling  つづり Tell me the spelling.
34 like ~のような/好き He speaks English like an Amercan.
35 guess 推測する Guess what I think.
36 select 選ぶ Select freely.
37 remember 思い出す・覚える Please remember the word.



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