Teacher’s Bonus and Holiday Work Allowance and Severance Pay in Tokyo 【Teachers are slaves】


Summary: I’ll explain about teacher’s bonus and holiday work allowance.


Teacher’s Bonus

Public school teachers gain bonus twice a year, June and December. Depending on the year of service, the sum of bonus is determined because they are under seniority system. When I was a teacher of first year, I got less than 400.000 yen a year in total. If a teacher became a school principal and the year of service is so long, he/she can get up to 1 million yen at once.

Holiday Work Allowance

Junior high school and high school have club activities. For the students enjoying their club activities, teachers must be in school after school. If there are any games, concert and so on out of school for club activities, teachers must accompany. Anyway, many teachers go to school on holiday for club activities and so on.

In Tokyo, if teacher go to school on holiday for club activities or something else, every 4 hours, they get 4.000 yen. However, this is the information of 2 years ago. When I was a teacher 2 years ago, I got 4.000 yen by 4 hour working. The minimum wage in Tokyo rose and it is 1041 yen at present. Hence, I don’t know but the fee might rise now.

Severance pay

For public school teacher in Tokyo, the retirement age is 60. The average of severance pay is 22 million for teachers in Japan, but by each service year and positions, it changes. When the school principals retire, they can get utmost 30 million. To be honest, my father, he used to be a school principal, got 28 million when he retired a few years ago. After they retired, they can keep working as re-appointment teachers at public schools. Fundamentally, if they work after they retire, their wages will be half.