Why does the club activities system maintain?


Summary: I’ll explain the reason why junior high and high schools don’t abolish club activities.



I wrote that “as long as club activities exist, teachers are forced to work overtime” before. Hence, to make a better working environment for teachers, we should abolish club activities. Everyone knows it, but I’ll tell you why club activities still exist in Japan.

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology refuses teacher’s protests

Anyone knows that teachers work overtime in Japan. Many journalists and newspapers show that Japanese teacher work overtime every day. To improve this situation, quite a few people protest against Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (I regard Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “MEXT” later).

Yet, MEXT keeps rejecting teacher’s protests. Due to overtime working, teachers die from the exhaustion every year. Many adults know that they have to work overtime, so young adults who want to be teachers are decreasing recently. Eventually, schools are lack of teachers. But MEXT don’t mend the school system. It does not reject petitions from teachers for overtime working. The Ministry of Education just wants teachers who work without overtime money, who work overtime without complaints, who work like slaves.

For MEXT, even if teachers die, it is not a problem. MEXT think that employees are a dime a dozen. MEXT wants to keep ignoring any opinions about overtime working. Its concept is “not enough to live on but not enough to die from”.

Parents want teachers to take care of club activities
Parents also want teachers to attend club activities. This is because the club activities are free. If children go to swimming school, learn caricature at a private school, practice baseball at a baseball club, parents usually pay for money. On the other hand, children can do club activities without paying money. Parents piggybacks on this situation.

Parents want teachers to maintain club activities, so private schools also can’t abolish club activities. If private schools abolish them and they can’t gather students, it will go bankrupt. Therefore, private schools can’t quit club activities. For parents, even if teachers work overtime, it doesn’t matter.

There are some teachers who want to do club activities
Some teachers want to do club activities. They don’t mind if they work overtime by club activities. Because of them and peer pressure, teachers who don’t want to do club activities are forced to do club activities. MEXT savvy opinions from teacher who want to do club activities, eventually, it doesn’t try to decrease working overtime.

Japanese teachers are just the slaves for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.