What makes students intelligent? Are teachers necessary to make students intelligent?


Summary: Junior high and high school teachers seldom make students intelligent.

What is the most important component to make children intelligent?
There are many geniuses in the world. Not only geniuses, many intelligent people are there around the world. Why are they geniuses or intelligent? In fact, some people can be geniuses or intelligent because of the effort. Is it true that the tremendous effort sometimes change people into prodigies. However, it is not majority example. In many cases, genius has great talent parents.

Like father like son.
Many Intelligent parents bear intelligent sons. Many less intelligent parents bear less intelligent children. This is because children usually take over their parent’s ability, skill, talent. This appears in many ranges. In particular, the world in music, there are many examples. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most famous musicians. In his lineage(家系), there are so many musicians. Genes are related to talents. Not only music, education applies to this talent.

However great teachers are, some students become dropouts in public junior high or high school
In any schools, there are great and respectable teachers. In many cases, they may be good at teaching. However well teachers teach, dropout students are sure to appear. Why? There is the limit in the education world.
Teachers might be able to give motivation to study to students. As a result, some students got intelligent thanks to teachers. In many cases, this example is affected by student’s ability. Some students have enough ability to study. But other students have no ability to study or understand what they study. Teachers can’t give talents to study.
In fact, in Japanese school, there are not only common students but also students who have disability related to studying. English teachers can’t make language disability (LD) students to remember word spelling. More difficult questions, more intelligent brain is necessary. And sometimes, teachers can’t train student’s talent.

Elementary school teachers have chances to find student’s ability
Elementary school teachers are different from other teachers. Some young student from 6~12 years old don’t know their ability. More than 12 years old students know their ability, limitation and so on. Elementary school teachers are necessary to make students intelligent.

Teachers are not necessary to make students intelligent very much, but teachers are necessary to let students to notice their ability.