Timetable of Junior High and High School Teachers in Japan 【Teachers are slaves】


Summary: I’ll explain the timetable on weekday, Saturday and Sunday of junior high and high school teachers in Japan.


General timetable for public high school and junior high school teachers on weekday


Get up at around 6 o’clock
Commute 5 ~ 90 minutes to school
Arrive at school before 8 o’clock
Opening time for teachers is 8:15
Reading time from 8:25 to 8:35
Morning assembly for students at 8:35
Give lessens from 8:40 50 minutes lesson and 10 minutes break × 4 in the morning
Have school lunch with pupils from 12:30 to 13:00
20 minutes break from 13:00
Give lessons from 13:20 50 minutes lessons and 10 minutes × 2 in the morning
End of the day meeting for students from 15:20
Clean school by 15:50
Club activities from 16:00 to 18:30
Closing time for teachers at 16:45
Teachers leave school at 19:00 at the earliest
Commute 5 ~ 90 minutes to go back home

Sunday, Saturday and national holiday

If students go to school for club activity on Sunday or Saturday or national holiday, teachers also go to school in general. If you belong to football team for club activities and students practice on Sunday in the morning, fundamentally you have to be in school. Anyway, while students are doing club activities in school, teachers also have to be in school.

In addition, if the club activity group has any sport tournament, concert and so on out of school on Sunday or Saturday or national holiday, teachers accompany students and go to competition sites, concert hall and so on.

My experience as a public junior high school teacher

I was a teacher at a public junior high school. I belonged to Judo club then. Judo is a kind of a Japanese martial arts. I have never practiced Judo and I didn’t want to belong Judo club, but I belonged to it because all teachers are forced to belong any clubs.

Judo club I belonged had 5 practice days a week. Students practice Judo on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In addition, if the Judo tournament is held and students attend on Sunday, I accompanied students. To work 7 days a week is not so rare. It is a common thing for teachers in Japan.

What is holiday for teachers?

I named this article Timetable of Weekday, Sunday and Saturday Junior High and High School Teachers in Japan. However, during I wrote the plot, I knew that there was no best phrase to explain holiday for Japanese teachers. Even Sunday, even Saturday, they are not holiday for Japanese teachers. Japanese teacher usually can’t get holidays or rest.

It sucks. This world is just a hell.