Teacher’s ability is decreasing in Japan.


Summary: I’ll tell you about the teacher’s reality in Japan.

To get a teacher’s license, students don’t need to study

The Japanese law says that teachers must have a teacher’s license. Generally, to be teachers, students get teacher’s licenses at a university, professional school(専門学校) or graduate school.

Increase universities

Recently, the number of universities is increasing. Many Japanese started to think that if they graduate from any universities, they get much more money than people who don’t graduate from universities. People want to enter universities, so the number of universities increased.
It’s important for universities to obtain students. To secure students, many new universities made their entrance examinations so easy. Many universities welcome anyone, who do not intend to study, who don’t have enough intelligence to study. As a result, a lot of idiot university students appear now.

Once, it was a common sense that “to enter universities is quite difficult and to graduate university is quite easy” in Japan. Generally, when children are high school students, they study hard to enter the university. After being a university student, they stop studying. That’s the reason why Japanese university students don’t study. Without studying, they can graduate from their university.
However, in many universities, entering universities also gets easy. The lower level universities is increasing. Only writing their name, people can enter universities.

How difficult it is to be teachers

It’s not so difficult for university students to get teacher’s licenses. Like I wrote above, in many universities, all they have to do is to attend the lessons to get lisences. Some lessons oblige students to write reports or try tests, but they are not so difficult. Getting teacher’s license is really easy.
Even idiot students can get teacher’s license, so the entire level of teachers is getting down. Many university students needed not study to be teachers.

compare past with present
Once, before increasing universities, teacher’s level was high because it was difficult to be teachers. Many children and parents adored teachers. Many children dreamed to be teachers. “Teachers” is one of the most respectable job in Japan.
Nowadays, many Japanese parents complain against schools and teachers. It’s one of the reason why teacher’s level is decreasing. I think so.