School should make Only listening class to increase English speakers


Summary: in my opinion, high schools should make new subject “Only Listening Lesson” to increase English speakers.



Before, I said no Japanese students can’t be English speakers from the view of the number of the English lessons at school.
This is the detail of my opinion.

Public high schools in Japan can’t develop English speakers
Outline: from the view of the number of lessons at public schools, there are not enough English lessons for students to ...

How do Japanese increase English speakers from school?

In the first place, Japanese schools don’t have enough times of English lessons. To increase English speakers, Japanese school make a new lesson. I assert Japanese add a new lesson “Only Listening Class”.

Improve reading, writing, speaking, listening skills at the same time

Now, Japanese government says Japanese teachers must improve student’s reading, writing, speaking, listening skills ( I call these skills “4 skills” ) at the same time. it might be a good way. If student can do only reading, it might be useless. In terms of language, the types to be in one thing are not good. In a way(ある意味?), to study comprehensively(総合的に) is really important.

How do we learn language?

Let’s change the view of point of studying languages. Almost all adults can use more than 1 language. Why can we use language? How do we start to learn language? First, babies hear the sound (word) to grow up (from they were born). Second, they start to say something (when they are 1~3 years old). Third, they start to read something (when they are 3~5 years old?). Forth, they started to write words. Mankind study language in these orders. There are no other ways of studying. If we believe in this fact, Japanese government shows the wrong way to teach English.
Therefore, Japanese teachers must give many chances to listen to English for students.

Problems by making “Only Listening Class”

If Japanese add the lesson “Only Listening Class” in the Japanese curriculum guideline, many kinds of problems will be predicted. Many students will sleep in the lesson. To adjust to each student’s listening ability, teachers must suggest many kinds of questions. The list goes on and on.(挙げればきりがない) The biggest problem is if Japanese government add “only listening Class”, it might not be enough to increase English speakers.

To increasing English speakers is the investment for Japanese future.

If “Only Listening Class” is introduced in the Japanese curriculum guideline, much more students will hate studying English. Many dropouts will appear. However, for Japanese future and for the next generation, Japanese must be English speakers. Therefore, to reach 3000 hours to be English speakers, on the premise that children study English spontaneously,(子どもが英語を勉強することを前提として) Japanese teachers must add times for children to study English.