School Rules of student’s hairstyle 【unreasonable rules in Japanese schools】


Summary: from the perspective of a young public school teacher, I’ll explain about school rules of student’s hairstyle. There are some weird school rules in Japan. Before you read this article, read here
Unreasonable Rules in Japanese Schools

The List of Unreasonable Rules in Japanese Schools
Summary: Japanese schools have many unreasonable rules. I graduated from public junior high school and worked as a publi...

Hairstyle rule in public school in Japan

As above, there are various rules in Japanese school. In particular, rules about student’s hairstyle are severe.

Under several culture, hairstyle sometimes has their identities, cultures and characteristics. Braids, cornrow, mohawk(mohecan), white hair, black hair, red hair, bold, pig tail queue, dreadlocks, afro and so on, many hairstyle have history and culture. However, quite a few Japanese public school restrict them. Without them, some students have alopecia, naturally curly hair. Even if they don’t want to have alopecia or naturally curly hair, schools regulate to decorate their hairstyle.

In Yayoi era, Heian era, Edo era, under WW2 and in each era and state, Japanese changed their hairstyle. Around the world, everyone has their own hairstyle. If foreign children go to Japanese schools, schools ignore their background and identities. Japanese schools kill characteristics.
“The stake that sticks gets out hammered in”, this is a traditional trend in Japanese schools. Yet, adults gradually started to notice it is incorrect.

Teachers also are needed to kill their personalities

Schools require teachers to be role models for children. Therefore, for the school management, teachers also kill their own identities and characteristics. Almost all teachers obey school rules of hairstyle. They mustn’t dye their hair, mustn’t use hair wax, mustn’t two block hair. Therefore, 99 percent men’s teachers have similar short cut hair. No men’s teacher has long hair in Japan.
The world is getting international more and more. Everyone needs to accept a variety of culture to live in the future.

To be a model of adults, teachers also show the attitude that they accept diversity and several kinds of idea and culture. To do them, I think teachers show their identities and characteristics. I believe in teachers have several hairstyles and keep deleting unreasonable school rules. They should keep showing the attitude of tolerating them each other to students.