Overtime working and seniority system 【Teachers are slaves】


Summary: Japanese society still has a seniority system. Thus, even if Japanese work overtime, they can’t get any overtime pay.


Wage system in Japan “Seniority”

Many Japanese companies have their own seniority system. It is a wage configuration that positions and wages increase by years of service. Under this system, only years of service is important to get much money. It ignores performance, efficiency, promising for the company. Even if employees work overtime, they get a certain money. Alternatively, if they don’t work at all, they get a certain money. In any case, only years of service is important under seniority.

Teachers also get wage by seniority in Japan

Public school teachera get money under the seniority system. Their salary is determined by a seniority system. This is because public school teachers are kind of public servants in Japan. In Japan, the job of public servants is famous for no overtime working. However, teachers are exceptions. Teachers are famous for overtime working in Japan.

Originally, public servants have no overtime working, so they can’t get any overtime pay without saying. Teachers, a kind of public servants, can’t get any overtime pay if they work overtime.

Young teachers have no motivation to work

Young teachers must work hard. Many chores, studying teaching skills, there are many things young teachers have to do. To do them, they always work overtime. However, even if they work overtime, they always get a certain wage since they are under seniority.

This system is similar to socialism. Hence, many young teachers have no motivation to work overtime and work hard. If they work hard and overtime, they can’t get much money.

Young teachers stop thinking about wages. We have many complaints against wage, but they can’t do anything. Among my friends of teachers, everyone agrees with the idea that to control our brain is the best way if we have a complaint against wage. Young teachers are just slaves.

In recent years, As evidence, young people who want to be a teacher are decreasing. In fact, if only people have a teacher’s license for elementary school, everyone can be a teacher since no one want to be a teacher. This is a very serious problem. In the future, no one will be a teacher.