My Profile and Goal


The reason why I became a teacher.

 When I was a junior high school student, I was 15 years old, my dream was to be a teacher. This is because My father was a junior high school principal.

 I wanted to be a teacher like my father. Eventually, I aimed at to be like my father. Before my father became a school principal, he taught Japanese. I’d like to teach Japanese like him, but I didn’t have a talent and a gift to teach Japanese. Instead of becoming a Japanese teacher, I decided to be an English teacher.

 When I was a university student, I studied a lot to be a teacher. As a result, I managed to became the English teacher at a public junior high school in Tokyo. My dream came true.

The reality

 However, I knew that the workplace for teachers is terrible (It may be not only for teachers. It may be for all Japanese workers). I understood why many Japanese died because of overworking. Japanese are crazy. I thought I can’t keep working as a teacher.

 Some people might think I am so selfish, I didn’t work hard for children, I’m spoiled as a child. But, in fact, my first year as a teacher, I read more than about 30 books about how to teach English. In a year, in total, I read more than “60” books including which are not about English education. Since childhood, one of my hobby is reading books. Yet, “60” is my career record. In my opinion, I had an effort to improve my teaching skill. I did what I could do on my own way.

 My dream was to change education for children. My dream was to change society for children with education. However, I quitted a teacher. I thought if I were to keep working as a teacher, I would die from overworking.

The present goal

 Before children get better education, teachers must get the better workplace. Otherwise, no one thinks that “I’d like to be a teacher.” The teacher’s workplace in Japan is awful. Teacher is one of the most unattractive job in Japan.

 To make a good society, we, teachers must give students opportunities to study. Children have rights to study. I believe that education make the world better. For the future, for children, I can do what I can.