March 6th (Sat)


March 6th (Sat)

I woke up from 5:30. I started to move at 6:30. When I visited the school, I noticed today I needed to check the student’s body temperature. I didn’t know it and I pretended to know nothing. I attended the graduation ceremony. I sit in the first row. I had thought about how to make the teaching plan with Indian Poker for a long time. I was too free, so I almost slept.

After the graduation ceremony, I and Mr. W waited in front of the AV room for parents who take picture. B came but we have needed to wait for a long time, she came back to teacher’s office. Mr. W said it can’t be helped because she is a foreigner. I didn’t say anything but I don’t think so. If there are any shores which is like a waste of time, teachers (or Japanese?, who are engaged in any jobs) must wait to do chores. In my opinion, it is a Japanese style or teacher’s job. In fact, she came back so she might have done her any chores, but I think she must have waited then. In addition, English teachers must teach Japanese style to foreign country’s teachers. English teachers (in particular leader teachers, teachers who have worked for a long time) can’t teach it, foreign teachers don’t obey the rules, whether they know or not. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is one of the most important to adjust in foreign countries.

After sanitize desks and chairs, I ate lunch, I waited with printing and shredding many papers until 2:00. I went to Uniqlo at Yurakucho. I also went to Matsuzakaya near Okachimachi station to get Rakuten points. I tried to pick up girls but I couldn’t. There are less places to pick up girls there. I went back home at 5 and took a nap. I don’t have any articles stocks, I made teaching plan with Indian Poker. I ponder and made the teaching plan today. I should contemplate more and more again. I believe in I can improve my plan much better.