March 3rd (Wed)


March 3rd (Wed)

My sleep quality was 62 %. I don’t know it is good or not, but I felt bad. In the morning, Ms.K said “Do you quit your job? I got sad.” I have no idea whether she thinks so or not. First period was jh3. I told test writing is “Should the Olympic Games be held this year?” No one read the textbook. Second was sh1. I gave 10 speaking points. Third was jh1. Some students tried shadowing the textbook. I checked questionnaire and Ms. K said she can’t log in to Classi. She said she could enter yesterday with the same password. I can’t understand. Forth, I went to the post office to transfer money for the table tennis club.  

At 12:30, I took jh3 students to Yamada scent tree shop. I didn’t know the way. Ms. said which grade will I belong? I thought she knew I would leave. I answered and she said sorry. She dared to say it. Maybe just pretend to feel sympathy. Absurd. I took back students to school. I did many chores.

After school, we prepared the graduation ceremony in the gym until 4:10. There was a meeting for the department of the educational coordinator. I didn’t sleep because it was a short meeting.

Yesterday, everyone knew new teachers of each grade. Today the members changed. Unbelievable. Generally, the document which has ever been showed once never change in school. Never to change, the president, each leaders discuss. The teacher system collapsed. Leaders are not suitable for leaders.