March 1st (Mon)


March 1st (Mon)

I kept awaken before the sunrise. I checked student’s body temperature at the entrance. The thermometer machine was broken, so we checked the body temperature one by one. First period was special jh2. They present how to cook Japanese meal. Second was sh2. I prepared for all listening script for the test. I did vocabulary test. Third was jh3. I gave grammar print and chances to get speaking points. Forth was jh1. Some students studied hard, others didn’t study at all. Some student’s speak quietly, I couldn’t understand what she said. Serious problem.

After lunch, I marked the test who didn’t do the test on February 10th. I made tests and filed Laura’s test. I got the listening USB and checked it. I asked Mr. Y to do the alternative lesson. I completed my test. I shredded many papers. I did a lot of chores. I went to Yurakucho. I picked up Hande from Turkey. She is in Keio University. We talked about intelligent, is against president Erdogan, Turkish food, kebap, yogurt, mackerel sandwiches at Pronto. After that, I picked up Akina. She hopes to be a teacher. I felt she is not suitable to be. We talked about teachers and jobs at Starbucks. I was full. I picked up Moe while walking. She likes Zeroma? I adjusted to her anime conversation. I felt my talk skill is brushing up. I sweated a lot because of 2 cups of coffee. I went back home at 8:50.