March 16th (Tue)


March 16th (Tue)

Before 5 o’clock, huge earthquake occurred but the seismic intensity (震度) was 3. I wake up then and keep awaking. I started to move with my father at 5:30. I slept again and visited the school at 7:45. I look after (kept waiting) the calling because I’m in charge this week. Fortunately, I caught only once. Before first period, Mr. O didn’t come to school, instead of him, I passed envelopes of tests and I put CD player. First period was social studies at jh3 classroom. I revised the text of the test. I just spaced out (zone out) while the test. Second was English. Before the test, Ms. M crouched down ( squated down). She has anemia. I cared her a little. I checked the sound resource. Then Ms. K pointed out the text mistake. After finishing the test. I got 3 minutes and play the sound again.

From 11 a.m. we simulated the graduation ceremony. In the afternoon, students took life saving lessons. I got sleepy and I marked answers. I walked around the school because I had a weekly duty.