March 12th (Fri)


March 12th (Fri)

I got up at 7. I watched hair style videos on Youtube. I used my hair iron. Looks good. I was surprised because I’m cool. The rough hair looks good. I went to the library and checked the clinical trial. I have hay-fever and I donated my blood, so I can’t apply for any programs. I used open camera and I took many selfies. It’s useful. It takes much time to take. To take pictures by myself is really difficult. After lunch, I did some chores. I read “the ways to wear clothes like this“.

I used my hair iron again and went to Hibiya Midtown. I did my hair and tried to take pictures. I don’t want anyone to see me. I waited for others to let them go away. I took about 1 hour. I went to Tokyu Plaza to check the photogenic place. I found Kiriko Terrace. Awesome place. I took good pictures. I went to Ginza six to check the photogenic place. There were many people. I didn’t take any pictures. I read “the ways to wear clothes like this“ again.