March 10th (Wed)


March 10th (Wed)

I woke up at 5:30. I started to move at 6:20. I checked whether students passed Eiken exam. 3/5 students didn’t know their own result. Check by themselves. First period was jh3. Some students came to me and read textbook. I collected speaking cards. Many students get speaking points (stamps) from other teachers. I found Mr. O’s stamp. Students like cheating and teachers interfere with opportunities for students to have efforts. I hate him. S brought writing paper and said nothing. I checked her writing soon but I should have said “What do you want me to?” Her attitude was too bad. I should have not checked her paper if she acted like it. Second was sh1. I fixed student’s writing. Fundamentally, it was a self-learning time. Third was jh1. Last students started to study hard. I don’t know why, but it is a good trend.

After lunch, I took students to an aromatic shop. I dropped off the bookstore and go back the sore to take students. In the afternoon, Ms. I and N revised listening for the sh1 English expression test. It was made by Mr. N. Script and sound source were different. No answer. Horrible test. He kept being absent, but he didn’t complete his job. So just in case, I checked listening source for the sh2 English conversation test. It can’t play in turn (in order). I needed to revise it. He didn’t complete his job at all. Why do I need to make up for his mistake? Fuck him. After school, jh1 students came to me and read textbook. So good trend. But I don’t have enough time. I had teacher’s meeting on Zoom. I was late for attending it. After finished it, I left school soon because after the meeting, there was a new grade teacher meeting. Ryo came to my house at 8. His brother Tasuku will repeat a half year. We talked about Mitsubishi, Hiroshima, games, stress, last time we met. He left at 11 and I vomited. I checked Rakuten Market because today was the final sale day, but I was sleepy and I slept at 12.