How much do Teachers in Japan earn per an hour?


Summary: I’ll explain how much public school teachers in Japan earn per an hour a month.


The salary of public school teachers of first year in Tokyo

I worked as a public junior high school teacher in Tokyo from April. 1st. 2019 to March. 31. 2020. I got about 225.000 yen every month. But from 225.000 yen, I must pay tax and so on. It is about 25.000 yen. Eventually, I can get about 200.000 yen by 1 month (accurately I remembered I gained 196,000 yen by months as a public school teacher). Yet, the worker of the second year, the tax gradually rises. It gets about 35.000 yen. Teachers of second year get 185.000 yen by month. Do you think this is high salary?

Most of teachers started to work after they graduate their university. Compare teachers of first year to other workers of first year who graduate their university, teachers get a bit more money than other workers (I think teachers get about 10.000 yen more than other workers in the first year in Japan).

Compare working time to monthly pay

To understand, please read this article “Timetable of Junior High and High School Teachers in Japan”

Timetable of Junior High and High School Teachers in Japan 【Teachers are slaves】
Summary: I’ll explain the timetable on weekday, Saturday and Sunday of junior high and high school teachers in Japan. ...

When I was a teacher in public school, basically I arrived at school before 8 o’clock and left school at 19 o’clock on weekdays. Legal working hour is 8 hour a day in Japan. Therefore, without a breaking time, I worked overtime for more than 2 and a half hours on weekdays. This is my experience, but I think almost all public teachers in first year spend with the same timetable like me. in addition, public school teachers are kinds of civil servant in Japan, so even if they work overtime, they can’t get any overtime pay. The detail about teachers and overtime pay is here


Let’s calculate wage per hour a month. Teachers work 10 and a half hours on weekdays. Thus,
10.5 hours × 20 days (4 weeks) = 210 hours.
210 hours ÷ 200.000 yen (monthly pay) = 1050 yen / per hour.

This is just my example and a kind of the criteria of teacher’s wage per month. Some teachers work less hours, but other teachers work more hours. Anyway, I used to work about 210 hours a month when I was a teacher. By the way, in Tokyo, the legal minimum wage is 1041 since October. 1st. 2021. From the point of view of hourly fee, wage of teachers and wage of other part time job workers, there are no gap.

This it the fact of teacher’s salary per hour. Do you think teacher in Japan get high salary?

The detail of overtime working is here