English ability of English teacher in Japan


Summary: I’ll tell you about Japanese English teacher’s ability in Japan.
Teacher’s ability

Teacher’s ability is decreasing in Japan.
Summary: I’ll tell you about the teacher’s reality in Japan. To get a teacher’s license, students don’t need to stud...

How many vocabularies do English teachers have
It is said that, to communicate in English, we need more than about 8000 vocabularies. In the term of Eiken (the most well-known criteria for English ability), people need more than 7500 English words to get the Eiken pre 1 certificate. This is off topic, people need more than 15000 vocabularies to get Eiken 1 grade.
As a result, anyway, many applicants to be English teachers try to get Eiken pre 1 grade.

However, only few English teachers have Eiken pre 1 grade. Eventually, even if people can’t communicate in English, they can be English teachers. To be English teachers, there are no problems. To work as English teachers, there are many problems. Many Japanese English teachers don’t have enough vocabularies, English skills to teach.

English teachers can’t communicate with assistant learning teachers
In my opinion, almost all ALT (assistant learning teacher, native English speakers who teach English at school with Japanese English teachers, many people are from America, Australia, Britain, Filipin and so on) have ever experienced that ALT teachers can’t make themselves understood to JET (Japanese English teachers).
Of course, between native English speakers, misunderstanding sometimes happens. There is nothing people can do when misunderstanding happens. To avoid these situations, people keep talking.
However, some Japanese English teachers can’t sometimes understand what ALT says completely. In addition, they can’t make themselves understood.

Needless to say, this is a so serious problem. ALT couldn’t know what they should do during the lesson. As a result, ALT teachers have in trouble then.

To make good lessons, teachers must improve their teaching skills. Besides, when JET teach English with ALT, they must cooperate each other. But, many JET don’t communicate with ALT aggressively because of lacking of the vocabularies.